Hi! I’m Milka, a 22-year old blogger, influencer and graphic designer from Java and Bali Indonesia but now living in Los Angeles, California. I love to travel, spend time out in nature, and I also have a passion for fashion! 🙂 "Bali to Cali" arose from my own journey living from Bali to California.

I want to share a story about my journey from Bali to Cali. 7 years ago when I was 15 I was still back in Indonesia (I grew up in Java & Bali Island). I was crying up on the mountain knowing that it was impossible for me to see the world outside. Born and raised in a small town that is very rich in culture in Indonesia, made me have a lot of friends from different countries who visited as travelers. This, of course, made me grew up as a very ambitious person.

My country doesn't have any privilege to have a passport that allows us to travel to most countries in the world (we have to apply for a visa to almost every country - very complicated process) and I realized how weak is Rupiah for exchange to USD, Euro, and many other world currencies. But despite all of those, my family doesn't have enough funds to even travel to other countries. I came from an ordinary family and I was not a spoiled princess who swims in gold coins from her parents. I'm just the daughter of a loving couple who relied their faith upon God.

Friends from all over the world who come visit my hometown

Back then I was only able to travel and wander through my mind hearing all the stories from my foreign friends who come to visit Indonesia (especially Bali) as I am gladly showing them around my hometown. I was pretty discouraged and didn't know my life purpose. The only countries that I ever visited without a visa are only the neighbor countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

After a very long journey of deep down in the valley, 4 years ago I was able to come to the U.S to pursue my study in Southern California through a miracle from God. I go to Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California.

It is really saddening to see the fact that I am being discriminate based on my passport, almost feel like racism. For Indonesian, once they got rejected to apply for American visa, they will be blacklisted for 10 years (It happened to my dad back in 98 when where as his sister aka my aunt is an American citizen)

Being in the U.S, a chance for knowledge and opportunities are wide open. My parents are very supporting me to see as much as I could of what the world has to offer. And here I am, will not stop to learn, work hard, and keep my dream to explore the whole world one day as I know that God is with me. While I'm still in the U.S I'm trying my best to explore every states that I could visit, see, and explore :)

*Quit 9-5 job and work as a nomad to travel the world won't work for me because of passport regulations.

Here is a picture of me up on the hills in Catalina Island 3 days ago witnessing the magnificent crepuscular rays as a reminder that what I thought was impossible 7 years ago and now I say: "Its possible!"



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